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Butterkase Cheese

Product Information

Product Information

Butterkäse Cheese

The first variety of cheese available for purchase was Butterkäse. It is a creamy, brick-style cheese great for snacking, melting on sandwiches and burgers, or for cooking. It is also excellent with dry or semi sweet wines.

What makes our cheese special is how quickly our cheese gets to the consumer. The Butterkäse cheese requires 4-6 weeks of aging after manufacturing, and is sold quickly after that, so a unique, fresh taste is the result.

For proper handling, keep refrigerated. For better taste, do not freeze.

Expanding our line

As Prairie Pure Cheese, LLC expands so will our product line. Currently, in addition to the butterkäse, we are making a traditional Old World style Swiss cheese as well as a mild and sharp cheddar. These cheeses have an excellent flavor, due to the high quality of the milk from the dairy farms. We continue to look for ideas for new cheeses to expand our product line.